Congratulations, Here's Your Next Workout!


(Workout 1-2:  Intermediate)

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  1. Squat Lateral Raises (5x)
  2. Lunge Shoulder Presses (5x)
  3. Wide Stance Forward Fold (30s)
  4. Lunge Pumps (5x)
  5. Punching Jacks (30x)

Repeat. 5 total rounds


1. Squat Lateral Raises 5x

*Keep back straight. Palms face down

2. Lunge Shoulder Press 5x each side

*Full breaths all the way, in/out slowly and controlled. Drop back knee. Find a pain-free range. (If painful, try palms facing each other)

3. Wide Stance Forward Fold 

- Just count out to 30 (no timer necessary). Feel it and enjoy it. Don't rush through it.

*toes pointed forward (not outward rotated) 

 *keep back straight 

 *exhale as you go down *relax

4. Lunge Pumps 5x each side

*Step back a little farther. 

*Drop back knee, both knees *Don't let front knee go forward too much *Stop if any sharp pain

5. Punching Jacks 30x

*Keep back straight Stop if any sharp pain